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Healthland Cambodia

Healthland is a Cambodian owned non-government organisation with the goal of making Cambodia, the “land”, a healthier place.  It aims to do this by promoting healthy lifestyles and by improving people's job opportunities through training and industry development. 

People are happier and healthier when they have secure jobs.  A stable income gives them buying power to provide for their families and educate their children.

The level of poverty in a society is a strong indicator of the health of a country and the disparity between the rich and poor reflects the level of equity. Therefore, Healthland’s aim is to make Cambodia a healthier place by training people from any segment of society to help improve the state of those at the bottom of society

Healthland Mission Statement

Healthland exists to lift families out of poverty by providing employment, work experience, training, educational opportunities, self-improvement and spiritual development, thereby allowing them to contribute positively to a more secure society for vulnerable people.

Visit Healthland Cambodia website: www.healthlandcambodia.org




Jomnin is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to support a Cambodian organisation to achieve 3 main purposes:

  • A health food industry (Vissot)
  • A student support and training program
  • A health centre

Jomnin is a Khmer word that means skills.  We support and encourage the development of skills through practice and sharing of knowledge.  The aim is to give people a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment by helping them develop their skills and then use those skills to give back to the community.  One way we can achieve this is by supporting Cambodian owned industries and services.  

Vissot, a food company belonging to Healthland Development Organisation, is one such industry.  Vissot is a Cambodian owned company which produces healthy food products made from locally grown produce.  

We seek experts to help train and provide advice for the industry so that it can successfully produce high quality products and provide a quality service to customers.  

Jomnin looks for export opportunities for Vissot so that the industry can grow, provide more jobs and promote quality Cambodian products to the world.  We also help Vissot to develop new products and purchase and set up new equipment.

Healthland wants to use profits from Vissot to fund a health centre to promote health in the community and provide health and medical services, especially for those who are most vulnerable.  Jomnin is helping Healthland to prepare a proposal for the centre and will seek expert support to set up the centre and train staff.  We will also help the centre to purchase and install the equipment it needs.

Visit Jomnin website: www.jomnin.org



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