Vissot Projects

Below are the projects of Vissot, Jomnin and Healthland Cambodia


Student partnership program

Funding needs:  $300/student per month ($3600/year)

Why it is needed:  This funding will provide valuable on-the-job training for the student, a salary and an interest-free loan for the student's university fees.  Healthland can train up to 10 students at a time.
Read more about Student Partnership Program in Jomnin website
Machinery and equipment for Vissot

Funding needs: $70,000

Why it is needed: To boost production for export, Vissot needs a thick paste cooker/mixer and a thick paste filler for the curry paste.

Land for Healthland

Funding needs: $90,000

Why it is needed: Vissot is outgrowing the mini-factory and will need land to build a larger plant.  Healthland also needs to buy land for the health centre.
Health centre set-up cost

Funding needs: $110,000 

Why it is needed: This fund will pay for the set-up costs of the health centre, including supplies and equipment, furnishings, building modifications, training, etc



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